Amazon Stock Price Prediction for 2022, 2023, 2025, 2030, 2040

Amazon Stock Price Prediction: If are you looking for Amazon Stock Prediction and with it explore the potential of Amazon Stock, then this price forecast can be helpful for you. We have detailed the Amazon Stock price forecast in our blog.

Our Amazon Stock price forecast is based on an in-depth technical analysis and how Amazon Stock has performed in the past.

In this article, we will try to analyze the potential of Amazon Stock over the long term. So that you can get better information.

Amazon Stock Price Prediction Overview

Valuation Metrix Price
Market Cap 1.14 Trillion
Enterprise Value 1.21 Trillion
52 Week High 188.47 USD
52 Week Low 101.26 USD
52-Week Change Update Soon
Price/Sales (TTM) 2.38
Price/Book (MRQ) 8.81
Enterprise Value/Revenue 2.6x
Enterprise Value/EBITDA 23.81
50/200 Day Moving Average $135.17

The above table shows depth Analysis of Amazon, Inc. Market Stock Price, Market Stock Cap, and 52-week high and low along with some other important Updates like the 52-Week Change in Amazon. Data from the above table was taken on 13/10/2022 from Yahoo Finance. If you need live data then check out here.

Amazon Stock Price Prediction

In this Article, We share The Amazon Stock Price Prediction shows exactly long-term predictions, are given by industry experts. Basically, Amazon is an e-commerce powerhouse all over the world.  If you can hold amazon stock for the long term then your portfolio will be strong after some years.

You can see there are ups and downs in any market. In fact, Amazon has as much upside as anything moving forward. Here we can suggest that before holding any stock for a long time, you can discuss with the most experience market experts and analysts.

Jeff Bezos develop an ecosystem for his business and create a revolution in the e-commerce industry. His revolution in business went to the next step and business expansion all over the world. Amazon growing it’s business day by day. And target all over the world. In a similar situation, competitors of amazon face problems and challenges.

In this scenario, it’s an important step to look at the amazon stock forecast and what is price prediction in the upcoming 20-30 years. Here we give a detailed analysis of stock and price analysis as well as recent publish news, new plans, and what technology and inventions amazon create in the upcoming year can you get more clarity about amazon’s stock potential till 2050?

Amazon world’s largest technology company as well as the most prestigious e-commerce brand in the world. As discussed before amazon provides services such as e-commerce Services, digital streaming Services, artificial intelligence-related Services, and many other outlet Services.

Amazon is a world-famous company and the businesses included under amazon labels are E-commerce, cloud computing, digital streaming, and AI-based projects. Recently amazon invests in the space transportation program.

Amazon recently now a $1 billion investment in companies working in the logistics and supply chain sectors. Amazon work on Project Kuiper, which is a low Earth orbit (LEO) satellite system. This system provides fast, affordable broadband around the world.

Amazon’s first office was established in Washington, USA in 1994. Initially, Jeff Bezos staring by selling only books and after successful this strategy Jeff Bezos sold other products online. After 20 years of achieving grand success, Jeff Bezos sold Amazon Prime Video, Amazon Music, and Amazon Studios in subscription mode. Amazon invests in Ring, Twitch, IMDb, and Food Sector.

Amazon invested $13.60 billion in the Food sector to increase its retail business and create a monopoly. After investing in the retail industry amazon became the world’s largest retail company in 2021.

Jeff Bezos today in October 2022, is the 3rd Richest person in the world with around $136 billion net worth.

Amazon is in the top big five technical innovative companies in the world. Inc. has Revenue growth data in strong upside with @ 12.0 % CAGR annually over its past 10 years. Inc. has grown Net Income @ 43.25% CAGR annually over the past 5 years Inc. Stock Price has grown to 18.45% CAGR annually in the last 5 years.

Amazon’s net worth as of October 11, 2022, is $1167.09B. And year-over-year (YOY), this revenue is rising in 2022 despite recession fears and high inflation.

In the current situation, Amazon stock is trading at around $112.90 per share. But, it’s down about 1.1386 % in the current month compare to last month. And this is important to note in the Amazon stock price prediction for many reasons. Before the Amazon stock prediction, the market analyst and industry experts say it will be trading for more than $5,840 per share in 2040 at the minimum range.

Amazon’s growth continues and creates a tough rivalry in multiple sectors of the market. This is the best situation for investors. Market Analysts and industry experts agree with this situation.

Amazon Stock Price Prediction / Forecast 2022, 2023, 2024, 2025, 2026, 2027, 2028, 2029, 2030, 2040,2050

Here you will check the Stock’s price Forecast, and price Analysis Structure 2022, 2023, 2024, 2025, 2026, 2027, 2028, 2029, 2030, 2040,2050

We here give you the stock forecast/prediction at our website with the help of analyzing the data by historical data, experts analysis, and also what Market Experts think of particular stock predictions or forecasts.

If deciding to buy stocks then keep several factors in your mind before buying stocks: Debt-to-Equity Ratio, Revenue, and Earnings Growth, investing time, Investment Strategy, Check Fundamentals, Stock Performance, Size of the Company, and Balance Sheet.

Amazon Stock Technical Analysis

Amazon Stock Technical Analysis

Amazon Stock Today Overview

Amazon Stock Today Overview

Amazon Stock Price Prediction / Forecast

Year Minimum Price Average Price Maximum Price
2022 $141.52 $151.54 $162.10
2023 $177.10 $191.27 $204.74
2024 $219.40 $234.79 $251.24
2025 $278.60 $298.29 $319.23
2026 $351.27 $375.79 $402.02
2027 $446.10 $477.21 $510.74
2028 $566.27 $606.10 $648.52
2029 $725.26 $775.58 $830.23
2030 $942.24 $1,011 $1,081
2040 $5,842 $6,244 $6,679
2050 Update Soon Update Soon Update Soon

Amazon Stock Price Prediction 2022

According to our technical & Fundamental analysis and current market situation, the Amazon Stock minimum price forecast for 2022 is $141.52 as the Minimum Value and reached the maximum price is $162.10. The medium Range is at $151.50.

Overall, the Amazon stock price forecast range between $141.52 to $162.10 in 2022. Amazon has performed very well and is expected to perform better in 2022.

Amazon Stock Price Prediction 2023

Amazon’s stock price will range between $177.10   and $204.74 in 2023 as per our price prediction. The company is working on its strength & improve its revenue growth. So, they can sell more physical & digital products as well as growth in the E-commerce sector and make more profit.

Amazon Stock Price Prediction 2024

Amazon Stock price prediction 2024, Price is evaluated to reach a Minimum Value of $219.40, a Maximum Value can reach $251.24 and Medium Range is $234.79.

Amazon Stock Price Prediction 2025

Amazon’s stock price prediction for 2025 is $278.60 as the Minimum Value and $319.23 as the Maximum Value. Overall, in 2025, the Amazon stock price forecast is it could range from $278 to $319.

These price prediction targets are reachable as demand for online shopping is increasing day by day and Amazon is getting successful in Amazon Web Services and the company’s advertising business. Inc. generated total revenue of in the last quarter of $121.23 billion. It increased by 7% from a year earlier. there is one more Competitor in the retail industry Market called Walmart.

We have created a post about a depth Analysis of What Will Be The Price Of Walmart Stock from 2022 to 2050. Read it to know more.

Amazon Stock Price Prediction 2026

A good positive trend has been seen in the future for the Stock market, Amazon Stock Forecast 2026. Amazon Stock price prediction 2026, Price is projected to reach a Minimum Value of $351.24, a Maximum Value can reach $402.02 and Medium Range is at $375.79.

Amazon Stock Price Prediction 2027

Amazon Stock Forecast 2027, Amazon Stock price prediction 2027, price to reach the Minimum Value at $446.10, Maximum Value at $510.74, and Medium Range at $477.21.

Amazon Stock Price Prediction 2028

Amazon Stock Forecast 2028, Amazon Stock price prediction 2028, as per Technical Analysis, price to reach the Minimum Value of $566.27 Maximum Value can reach $648.52 and the Medium Value is at $606.10.

Amazon Stock Price Prediction 2029

Amazon Stock Forecast 2029, Amazon Stock price prediction 2029, Price is estimated to reach 2029 at the Minimum Value of $725.26, Maximum Value can reach $830.23 and Medium Value is at $775.53.

Amazon Stock Price Prediction 2030

Amazon’s stock price prediction for 2030 is $942.24 as the Minimum Value and $1081 as the Maximum Value. Overall, in 2030, the Amazon stock price forecast could range from $942 to $1081.

After Walmart, Amazon is the most popular brand in the Retail Industry and its Growth is unique and Amazing. As they are more focused on Amazon Web Services and the company’s advertising business. Then revenue increases after digital services like prime video and music as well as space missions.

Once, the demand for online shopping, then the demand for orders will increase and people will buy Amazon products as well which will increase their profit. Ultimately, the share price of Amazon will go up in 2025 and gradually increase till 2030 and could hit our targets.

Amazon Stock Price Prediction 2040

Amazon’s stock price prediction for 2040 is around $5,842. In 2040, Amazon will become a 46-year-old company and if products of Amazon perform well in the market then for sure these price targets are reachable.

According to the technical analysis made by our experts, the price target is 80% accurate for the stock price of Amazon in the years 2025, 2030, and 2040. If the company exist for years, then the trust and the brand value will increase along with the sales and the profit of the company.

Like Walmart & Amazon, there is one more Retail Brand called eBay. We have researched and written a detailed post on What Will Be The Price Of eBay’s Stock from 2022 to 2050. Read it to know more.

Amazon Stock Price Prediction: FAQ

What can be the Amazon Price prediction for 2022?

The Amazon AMZN Stock forecast, Amazon fee prediction 2022, the fee is anticipated to reach the most degree of $162.00 at the give up of 2022. (Will be updated every 15 days)

When will Amazon Stock Reach $10,000?

As in line with the contemporary information analyzed by using AI-based totally Technical evaluation and Elliott Wave evaluation, Amazon AMZN Stock can Reach $10,000 in 2044-45 (forecast will change in step with destiny facts adjustments and may be up to date here every Month)

Is Amazon Stock an excellent investment?

As the recently coming Quarter of June 2022 earning facts aren't always encouraged for quick-time period investments, but looking ahead to good demand and exact essential records for future returns, Amazon AMZN Stock encourages appropriate investments however goes best for lengthy-time period investments. Every stock has hazard concerns, so do your very own studies before Investments.

Amazon Stock, How a lot reach in Value in 2040?

Amazon Stock forecast information gives the belief that Amazon Stock can reach the best fee of $ 6,680 via 2040.

What might be the Amazon Stock forecast in five years?

In line with the current records evaluation of Amazon Stock can be expected to reach the best price of $402 in five years.

Disclaimer: Stocks forecast / Price Prediction given on our website is for informational purposes and new data for Investors. Trading and investing have high Market risk, before investing consult your financial advisor. Our Website is not responsible for the consequences whatsoever resulting comes out after investment.



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