Babolat Pure Drive Plus Racket Review

Babolat Pure Drive Plus Racket Review

Babolat Pure Drive Plus Racket Review: It is the Babolat Pure Drive series of rackets have been designed for pure ball players who are seeking to increase the potential of their game.

It’s an excellent racket to add a little more spark to your shots without sacrificing control or feel. Pure Drive Plus Pure Drive Plus is a purebred of the vast line of rackets that make up the Pure Drive line-up.

The Babolat AeroPro Drive Plus can in reality assist players with a shorter attain get to balls that could normally be out of their variety. It also feels like there’s more power and spin capacity with the Plus in comparison to the original, which would possibly or won’t be proper; we’ll have to name our team of scientists to parent that out.

But for taller gamers who already have the correct reach, the more length of the Plus may not be enough to warrant a buy of a racquet whose best delivered characteristic is additional duration.

Babolat Pure Drive Plus Racket review

But both ways, the AeroPro Drive Plus plays very a lot similar to the everyday AeroPro Drive, and this line of racquets has already been confirmed on the court docket by means of some of the excellent gamers inside the global.

The AeroPro Drive Plus has a very good stability of electricity, spin, control, comfort, and mobility that makes it a completely balanced racquet, and all the latest improvements in tennis technology are simply icing on the cake.

It comes with an extended length that helps to create extra strength, spin, and leverage in the ball.

It was first launched in the mid-2000s along with Andy Roddick, the Pure Drive Plus is an essential part of the Babolat stable.

I’m going to admit that I am a huge fan of how it looks. Pure Drive line appears. It’s sleek and more subtle than the earlier models. The distinctive blue color design is still noticeable and instantly identifies it as Pure Drive. Pure Drive, yet this new model is a lot more elegant.

Babolat Pure Drive Plus Racket review

It’s a bit stiffer than I am used to, but it really gave me more control and stability when hitting the ball with force. The stiffness also helped the ball fly off the racket. It helped me effortlessly redirect the ball using power.

The latest SWX Pure Feel Technology will absorb any shocks that a harder racket could transfer onto your arm, which means it’s a very comfortable racket for playing with.

It is achieved by putting an extremely thin layer of rubber between carbon fibers, giving it additional damping for the frame.

Overall, it’s an extremely powerful and controllable racket that feels extremely solid and safe to play with.

While previous versions that came out of Pure Drive may have lacked the feel they were used to the new model is more than able to make up for it. It’s surprisingly soft for a racket that is so stiff and one I definitely got along with!

Specs of Babolat Pure Drive Plus Racket Review

  • Head size – 100 in²
  • Length = 28 in
  • Weight (unstrung) – 300 g
  • Balance (unstrung) – 320 mm
  • Swing weight – 290
  • Stringing Pattern – 16/19
  • Stiffness (RA) – 72
  • Section – 23-26-23
  • Composition – Graphite
  • Recommended string – RPM Power/Xcel
  • Tension Recommended – 23-27 Kg
  • Recommended grip – Syntec Pro

Groundstrokes – Babolat Pure Drive Plus Racket Review

If you are considering an instrument like Pure Drive, you can anticipate it to perform much work in terms of the generation of power. However, this doesn’t mean it can generate all your power without input, but it will certainly give you a hand.

The power of rackets can be a mixed bag, but.

Sometimes, you can opt for an excessively heavy head stick, which will obviously provide you with a lot of additional power however, it can reduce the control and feel.

The rackets may also appear dead or devoid of any connection because of their more rigid construction and wider beam length.

But, I’m happy to say that Pure Drive Plus is a delight to play with! It’s more user-friendly and attainable with regard to controlling power than the previous models. The latest technology makes significant improvements.

You will be able to make a strong, solid, and ‘thick’ contact with the ball by using this racket. This means that you’ll be able hit the ball with a powerful, strong topspin with a kick without having to exert all of your strength each time.

A racket is a great tool for hitting big shots and I noticed it helped me with my forehand after turning the screw.

While it wasn’t able to generate the same amount of spin as its Aero Plus Pure Aero Plus counterpart, it certainly gave more power that was effortless and felt more sturdy overall.

Open string patterns ensured I could spin the ball with plenty of force when I needed it however, this racket really shined in driving the ball quickly as the name would indicate!

It was easy to flip a point on its head and strike the ball with an aggressive approach from a defensive posture. This is an asset for shot makers who want to earn points on their own terms.

Volleys – Babolat Pure Drive Plus Racket Review

It was surprising that the length increase didn’t create more swing weight in comparison to the standard pure Drive.

The result was that volleying became easier to control and the racket was a good balance in the hands. It’s not as comfortable as some of its more traditional Wilson rivals, but it hasn’t been the top priority in this particular model of the Pure Drive family.

Its Pure Drive Plus was great at absorbing excessive vibrations from the speedy balls that were coming at me and directing the ball at a fast pace was enjoyable. I was able to feel like one of Bryan’s brothers! Bryan brothers playing on this racket!

However, the thick contact, which was a true advantage when hitting large groundstrokes makes it a little more difficult to cut the ball into shorter straight volleys.

Serve – Babolat Pure Drive Plus Racket Review

My serve is among my strengths when playing. It’s a tool I utilize to break up the court and build points using.

I will always search for a racket that will allow me to have the power I need to allow me to concentrate on positioning, but able to locate the spins and angles I would like to play. This allows me to make things interesting and keeps my opponent on their toes in order to ensure they don’t fall into the right rhythm.

It was a great way to emphasize the power aspect of the equation, and this length extended allowed me to increase my initial serve speed without becoming tired too fast. It also provided enough control and control to make big kicks and locate my spots easily.

The experience was refreshing to serve on rackets that provided the same power and ease. It made point building easier and I was able to receive defensive responses from the second and first serves!

Return – Babolat Pure Drive Plus Racket Review

Utilizing a stronger racket to return serve is my preferred choice often as long as the ball can be controlled and directed back into the court with ease.

This is usually a drawback of rackets with a power focus as they lack the required dampening and spin power to provide you with the control you require.

The ball can be pushed back by the depth of the ball which means you don’t have to take on too many risks to force your opponent to back and neutralize the point. But, when you are attempting to play with the next service you are able to throw the ball away with a lot of force.

This was particularly helpful when I returned my backhand drive since I was able to move the ball back without much or no backswing but still shoot off winners with minimal effort.

Final Word – Babolat Pure Drive Plus Racket Review

It encourages big hits and you’ll feel at ease stepping onto the court and crushing the ball in knowing that the extra spin and damping capabilities will ensure that your ball stays on the court.

Although it’s not the ideal racket it’s an excellent alternative for the advanced player who is looking for an easy-to-handle stick that will give the power you need and an overall feel that is solid.

Pure Drive Plus Pure Drive Plus is fun to play and you should definitely try it out before purchasing the next one!

FAQ Babolat Pure Drive Plus Racket Review

What is the difference between Babolat Pure Drive and Pure Drive Plus?

With an extra half of-inch of duration, the Babolat Pure Drive Plus offered extra electricity and spin than the usual duration version from the baseline.

What is Babolat Pure Drive Plus?

The Babolat Pure Drive variety of rackets has constantly been aimed toward the smooth ball strikers which might be looking to maximise the power in their game. It is a outstanding racket for including extra pop in your pictures, without compromising on sense or spin.

What is the Babolat Pure Drive Good For?

The Pure Drive series is probably best known for it's easy power on groundstrokes and serves.

Is Babolat Pure Drive worth it?

Yes. It's easy to play with and offers a lot of performance.

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