Jura Z8 vs Jura X8: A Comprehensive Comparison of Two Premium Coffee Machines

Jura Z8 vs Jura X8

Jura Z8 vs Jura X8: In the world of coffee aficionados, the Jura Z8 and X8 have sparked a spirited debate as they vie for the title of the ultimate high-end espresso maker. After rigorous testing, I’m excited to reveal my verdict: The Jura Z8 emerges as the clear winner.

The Jura Z8 is a true powerhouse, consistently delivering rich espresso and coffee, shot after shot, cup after cup. Its size is perfectly suited for households and larger families, and it boasts an impressive repertoire of beverage options, totaling 21 in all. Personally, I’ve relished every drink involving milk foam that this machine has produced.

On the other hand, the Jura X8 is no slouch, offering formidable performance in its own right. Its massive water tank makes it a natural choice for office settings, coffee shops, or catering events. The quality of its milk foam is commendable as well. However, when pitted against the Z8, it does fall short in several key aspects, which I’ll elaborate on below.

Let’s delve deeper into the comparison between these two exceptional machines to see why the Jura Z8 rightfully claims the top spot.

Jura Z8 vs Jura X8: Differences

In the realm of coffee lovers seeking the epitome of espresso perfection, the battle between the Jura Z8 and X8 is nothing short of legendary. Having meticulously put both machines through their paces, I am delighted to reveal that the Jura Z8 has emerged as the undisputed victor.

Overall, it’s crucial to emphasize that both the Z8 and X8 represent the pinnacle of coffee machine innovation, boasting impressive features that cater to the most discerning coffee enthusiasts. However, the Z8 takes the crown, especially in terms of stability, as it consistently delivers flavorful and robust coffee, cup after cup. Its size also makes it the ideal companion for home use.

Now, let’s dive into the nitty-gritty details:


Both the Z8 and X8 feature the Aroma G3 grinder, known for its efficiency and versatility, offering six grind settings ranging from fine to coarse. The conical burr design ensures minimal coffee retention in the burr.

In my rigorous grind tests with fresh coffee beans, both the Z8 and X8 performed admirably, offering smooth and even grinding. It’s important to note that there is a bit of noise when these machines grind beans, which is a common characteristic among espresso and coffee machines. However, both the Z8 and X8 keep the noise to a minimum.

Dosing and Tamping

As super-automatic machines, both the Z8 and X8 excel in preparing everything from dosing to tamping, and they brew your favorite drinks without requiring your intervention. While customization options are available, these machines will automatically halt the dispensing process when the desired coffee volume is achieved according to the selected recipe.

Notably, despite the absence of an anti-drip system in their design, both the Z8 and X8 do a commendable job in minimizing coffee or milk drips after brewing. However, the Z8 outperforms the X8 in this regard, as I observed that the X8 takes slightly longer to stop dripping after brewing.

It’s worth mentioning that Jura’s high-end product lines typically offer dose settings ranging from 5 to 16 grams. Personally, I lean towards a higher dose of 18 to 22 grams for a stronger brew, but these machines can deliver balanced, nuanced, and mellow coffee for those with different preferences.

Heating System

For those who dislike waiting, the Jura Z8 and X8 are sure to leave you impressed. Both machines are equipped with dual Thermoblocks, ensuring optimal brewing temperature, steam pressure, and heating time.

While you can’t expect these behemoth machines to be ready within 30 seconds, they do deliver a delightful cup of latte or cappuccino in under 3-5 minutes at the perfect temperature, around 190 to 195°F in my experience.

As for water tank capacity, the Z8 boasts an 81.3oz reservoir, while the X8’s tank holds a generous 167.3oz, twice the size of the Z8’s tank. If you’re a homeowner, the Z8’s water tank capacity is more than sufficient for brewing 17oz per day for three days. However, if you’re purchasing an espresso maker for office or catering purposes, the X8’s colossal water tank makes it the better choice, eliminating the need for frequent refills during coffee service.

UTILITIES: JURA X8 Separate Hot Water Spout

The Jura X8 features a separate hot water spout alongside its dual spouts. This convenient addition is a boon for those who enjoy tea or crafting custom Americanos. With a dedicated hot water spout, you’ll savor a cleaner and more pure tea flavor without the influence of residual coffee flavors.

Water Filter Recognition

Both the Jura Z8 and X8 offer the handy feature of water filter recognition. When you opt for the CLEARYL Pro Smart Filter to prevent scale buildup in the water tank, both machines automatically detect it. Keep in mind that this feature doesn’t activate automatically when using other types of filters. The CLEARYL Pro Smart Filter typically lasts for about a month with daily use.

MILK SYSTEM: JURA Z8 Both the Z8 and X8 utilize a milk carafe to automatically steam and froth milk according to your selected recipes. Notably, both machines seamlessly transition from heating milk to creating velvety milk foam without disrupting the coffee-milk-milk foam layers.

In my experience with both the X8 and Z8, they excel at this task. I particularly appreciate the adjustable milk temperature, allowing me to enjoy piping hot milk foam, perfect for my preference. The resulting foam is creamy and full-bodied, meeting my exacting standards.

However, the Jura Z8 wins my favor not due to superior milk frothing capabilities but rather because of its more effective “anti-drip” feature for milk. After completing the milk dispensing process, the Z8 promptly shuts off the tap, resulting in fewer post-brewing drips compared to the X8. This feature keeps the drip tray cleaner for a longer duration.

CLEANING & MAINTENANCE: TIE Cleaning these machines is refreshingly straightforward. Within the maintenance menu, you can easily rinse the nozzles, thoroughly cleanse the coffee path, and clean the milk path using a separate milk container and silicone tube. Additionally, these models automatically purge the coffee path upon startup and shutdown.

One standout feature in the cleaning process is the absence of the need to remove and meticulously clean the brew group. The Z8 and X8 come equipped with cleaning tablets that can be inserted through the pre-ground coffee chute, allowing these machines to handle the laborious cleaning tasks autonomously.

Jura Z8 and X8 represent the pinnacle of espresso machine engineering, offering a host of features designed to cater to the most discerning coffee enthusiasts. While the Z8 excels in terms of stability, making it an ideal choice for home use, the X8 offers unique utilities such as a separate hot water spout and water filter recognition, making it a strong contender for office and catering environments. Ultimately, your choice between these exceptional machines will depend on your specific preferences and requirements, ensuring a delightful coffee experience with either option.

Jura Z8 vs Jura X8: Similarities

Discover the Remarkable Similarities between the Jura Z8 and X8!

Convenient Water Tank Design

Both the Jura Z8 and X8 models are engineered for utmost convenience when it comes to refilling the water tank. They share an elegant design feature – a side water tank that’s not only 100% removable but also allows you the option to fill it from above. The choice is entirely yours. These machines even go the extra mile by incorporating a captivating blue light that accentuates the water level, making it effortless for you to keep track of the tank’s status.

A Beverage Lover’s Paradise

These coffee machines offer a splendid selection of 21 beverages to cater to all your caffeine cravings. Among this diverse array, one standout feature is the ability to brew an entire coffee pot, a perfect solution for those of us who require a generous dose of java throughout the day. Whether you fancy a macchiato, latte, cappuccino, barista, flat white, americano, or any other favorite, both the Jura Z8 and X8 have got you covered.

Fuel Your Productivity

For those times when you need an extra boost to conquer your daily tasks, both the Z8 and X8 come to the rescue. The Z8 allows you to brew an impressive 40oz coffee pot, ensuring you have an ample supply of your favorite brew to power through the day. On the other hand, the X8 offers a slightly more modest 12oz portion, still perfect for a delightful pick-me-up.

So, whether you’re an aficionado of larger coffee pots or prefer a more compact serving, these Jura machines are designed to meet your unique coffee needs. Elevate your coffee experience with the incredible convenience and versatility of the Jura Z8 and X8 – because every sip should be a pleasure, every time.

Quick Overview Of Jura Z8

Introducing the Jura Z8 espresso machine – a masterpiece of coffee craftsmanship. With its sleek stainless steel design and fully automatic operation, the Z8 brings the art of brewing the perfect cup of coffee to your fingertips. Experience the ultimate in coffee convenience and quality with this exceptional espresso machine.

Jura Z8


  • Brand: Jura
  • Color: Stainless Steel
  • Coffee Maker Type: Espresso Machine
  • Filter Type: Reusable
  • Included Components: Filter
  • Operation Mode: Fully Automatic
  • Number of Items: 1
  • Human Interface Input: Touchscreen
  • Product Dimensions: 9.1 x 9.1 x 9.1 inches
  • Item Weight: 1 pound
  • Manufacturer: Jura
  • Item Model Number: Z8

Indulge in the world of specialty coffee on your terms with the Swiss-made Jura Z8 Automatic One-Touch P.E.P. Coffee Machine, your personal barista at home. This coffee marvel boasts an intuitive touchscreen display, measuring a generous 4.3 inches with vibrant color graphics, making selecting from its 21 different specialty drinks a breeze. Count on the Jura Clearyl water filter, Pulse Extraction Process, and Intelligent Pre-Brew Aroma System, all backed by Jura’s renowned expertise, to deliver consistently flavorful, full-bodied beverages.

The simplicity of operation is one of the Z8’s standout features. The high-resolution touchscreen display not only impresses with its size but also introduces an entirely new user interface concept. Your favorite coffees are quite literally at your fingertips, and for added convenience, the Smart Connect feature allows you to control the machine through the free JuraCoffee App.

Crafting exquisite milk-based drinks is effortless, thanks to state-of-the-art Swiss technologies. The AromaG3 grinder, now twice as fast, retains the rich aroma of your coffee beans. The Pulse Extraction Process ensures precise water pulsing through the coffee grounds, optimizing extraction time for short specialties like ristretto or espresso. Even trendy creations with milk and foam become a cinch with a simple touch on the display.

The Jura Z8 sets a new standard for variety and choice. Sixteen specialty drinks are just a tap away on the start screen, and a total of 21 beverages await your selection through the Rotary Selection. Furthermore, you have the creative freedom to concoct personalized coffee creations and names, allowing your coffee experience to ignite your imagination. With the Jura Z8, exceptional coffee craftsmanship is brought to your kitchen, making every cup a delightful journey through the world of specialty coffee.


  • Ideal size for households or small offices
  • The machine makes minimum noise during the grinding and brewing process
  • One-touch Lungo
  • The coffee pot option brews you 40oz of coffee
  • Easy cleaning, low effort
  • Adjustable spout height


  • The touchscreen control is not very smooth

Quick Overview Of Jura X8

Introducing the Jura X8 Espresso Machine, a sleek and sophisticated addition to your kitchen. With its fully automatic operation, reusable filter, and stunning silver finish, it’s designed to elevate your coffee-making experience. Experience the perfect cup of espresso with the Jura X8.

Jura X8

  • Brand: Jura
  • Color: Silver
  • Product Dimensions: 18.5″D x 14.7″W x 18″H
  • Coffee Maker Type: Espresso Machine
  • Filter Type: Reusable
  • Operation Mode: Fully Automatic
  • Model Name: 15177
  • Number of Items: 1
  • Item Weight: 44.4 pounds
  • Manufacturer: Jura
  • ASIN: B07M81DPC4
  • Item model number: X8


  • Very big water tank capacity, ideal for offices or catering events
  • It has a separate hot water spout
  • Big bean hopper and used puck container capacity
  • Adjustable spout height between 2.6 – 6 inches


  • The machine is big and takes up much space


A choice between the Jura Z8 and the Jura X8 ultimately depends on your specific preferences and needs. The Jura Z8 offers a wider range of beverage options and a more advanced coffee brewing system, making it ideal for coffee connoisseurs who appreciate a variety of specialty drinks. On the other hand, the Jura X8, with its simplicity and fully automatic operation, is a great choice for those who prioritize ease of use and consistency in their espresso-making process.

Consider your coffee preferences, budget, and desired features when making your decision. Both machines are built with Jura’s renowned quality and craftsmanship, ensuring a high-quality coffee experience regardless of your choice.