Things To Do In Johnson City Tn This Weekend

Things To Do In Johnson City For quite half a century, Johnson City has been a site for healthcare, education, and industrial development. Johnson City is ideal for anyone searching for thrilling and adventurous outdoor activities.

A visit to the current city allows you to find the Appalachian history, great shopping, explore great parks, fly fishing, and unwind at the buzzing entertainment joints.

To discover more about this city, try this article on the highest 15 best and most fun things to try and do in Johnson City, Tennessee!

1. Johnson City Community Theatre – Things To Do In Johnson City

Watch Play at Johnson City community theatre. It’s one of the longest-running theatres within the state and has been operational for quite 107 years.

It continues to supply the most effective entertainment in Tennessee with its amazing acts. Johnson City Community Theatre, shortly called JCCT, is one of the must-visit locations for entertainment within the state.

A number of the JCCT’s regular annual shows include Rocky Horror Live, little mermaid, or Noel Coward’s Blithe Spirit, among other shows; which will leave you in good spirits.

2. Willow Springs Park – Things To Do In Johnson City

Experience the fun that awaits at Willow Springs Park. The place is solely amazing for nature lovers with serene and nature-filled things to work out, and also the trails have spectacular views of mountains and green vegetation surrounding them.

The walks through Willow Springs park result in a tiny low fun play court inside where you’ll partake in an exceeding basketball or volleyball.

Additionally to outdoor park activities, the park is an eco-friendly resort with a tremendous dog park.

3. Freedom Hall Civic Center – Things To Do In Johnson City

Freedom Hall Civic Center could be a multi-venue spot for sports, entertainment, concerts, and acts.

The middle was opened in 1974 and has over 8500 seater capacity. The liberty Hall Civic Center is the house ground to East Tennessee State University (ETSU) teams and could be a major pillar to many games in town, especially basketball.

Further, the Liberty Hall Civic Center hosts many great acts like Creed, Motley Crue, Shrine Circus, Luke Bryan, and Elvis Aron Presley. Besides theatrical performances, you’ll also catch an expert match here.

4. Wallabies – Things To Do In Johnson City

Wallabies may be a popular party place and play center in Johnson City, TN, and also one in all the fun things to try and do within the city.

You’ll be able to spend quality time together with your children some hours here while playing on the inflatable structures at this center.

After doing all the activities you wanted to try and do around the city, reward your tiny tots by allowing them something they require to interact in.

Allow them to expend their energy sliding, jumping, and running around the place.

5. Little Chicago Downtown Arts and Music Festival

The Little Chicago Downtown Arts and Music Festival first made its debut in 2016. It has gained a reputation joined of the foremost delightful and fun things to determine in Johnson City, Tennessee.

It was originally created by a mixture of volunteers and also the Downtown Merchants Association together to celebrate the rich heritage of the region’s art, food, and music culture.

It is completely unengaged to head to and participate in and may watch performances, shop, or explore many businesses that are an element of the festival.

6. Tweetsie Trail – Things To Do In Johnson City

Are you fascinated by spending quality time together with your family in a serene place with the bustle of urban centers and also the constant Hustle?

Well, Tweetsie trials provide you with this excellent opportunity to bond with the family on a protracted trip between Elizabethton and Johnson City.

This place could be a 10-mile rail-trail that follows what is accustomed to being a railroad corridor.

It’s the longest rails-to-trails plan in Tennessee and offers a pleasant fitness activity this weekend.

This tour involves the practice of lovely rock formations, forests, creeks, and Cranberry Quarry, and you’ll expedite the journey by taking detours to Sabine Hill State Historic Site and Jacob’s Nature Park.

7. Nelson Fine art and Framing

If you keen on art? You need to definitely take a look at Nelson Fine arts and Frames, a good spot in Johnson City, Tennessee for art enthusiasts.

The place is found on Colonial Way and focuses on preserving artwork through the fragile skill set of framing.

Nelson fine arts and Framing is an inspiring local gallery where you’ll explore numerous paintings, pictures, and other artworks of all sorts from experts and uprising local talent.

Further, there used to be an onsite coffee shop called Dos Gatos, which isn’t far from the gallery; hence, you’ll be able to still enjoy a cup of coffee as your artworks are fixed.

8. Founders Park

Founders Park stands among the most effective things to try and do in Johnson City, TN for having fun and an area to relax with family.

The park boasts lush greenery, where you’ll be able to enjoy the stroll and may relish outdoor games like collecting bugs or flying kites. Along the walkway through the park, you’ll be able to enjoy the gorgeous sculptures and statues.

The greenery at Founders Park is actually lovely.

Originally, the park began construction as a technique to handle stormwater that has been damaging this a part of Johnson City, but later became a good Tennessee spot for relaxation and calming activities.

9. Winged Deer Park

If you’re a nature lover, Winged Deer Park is certainly one among the simplest places to go! The park features one in every of the most effective outdoor recreational activities within the Tennessee town, Johnson City, TN.

It includes nature trails, playgrounds for soccer and softball, and a disc links.

The park may be a 200-acre district park located within the northern a part of town and was established in 1991.

10. Buffalo Mountain Park

Get your adrenaline fix at the scenic Buffalo Mountain Park. This is often a superb place for nature adventures and hiking. You’ll find beautiful views of Johnson City, mountains, forests, and more through these hiking trails.

Confirm to prevent at the White Rock Overlook or Tip Top to enjoy breathtaking views of the countryside.

Moreover, at the Buffalo Mountain park, you’ll find hiking trails both for beginners and challengers ranging from simple, moderate trails to steep ones regardless of your level of experience.

11. Appalachian GhostWalks Ghost History and Bigfoot Adventure Tours

Appalachian GhostWalks Ghost History and Bigfoot Adventure Tours bring you a large range of various intriguing tourist attractions in Johnson City, Tennessee.

It offers different sorts of tours, all award-winning and lantern-led, with some even leaving the town betting on your preferences.

Its primary attractions relate to Adventure Tours, with specifics being for ghost sightings, bigfoot hunting, and historical education.

12. Go fishing with High Country Angler Fly Fishing

High Country Angler guides offer exciting Fly Fishing adventures on South Holston and Tennessee’s Watauga Rivers.

Both rivers are famous for having a number of the most effective trout and rainbow trout fisheries within the city.

You’ll be able to plan a visit with family or friends because first of all, it’s a chance to be told about fly fishing from the experts at High Country Angler club.

13. Appalachian Underground, LLC

About a half-hour off from town, you’ll be able to try Appalachian Underground, LLC, a cave guide that visits Worley’s Cave. If you’re fun and adventure lovers, then join a bunch led by the Appalachian Underground to explore Worley’s Cave and see the gorgeous cave formations on your trip. You’ll be crawling, climbing, and sliding round the cave system.

14. Blue Plum Festival

The Blue Plum Festival is one in every of the whole South’s biggest outdoor festivals for music and art in Johnson City, TN.

During the first weekend of June, this festival is held and is also one in every of the fun things to try and to do within the city.

The Festival is known as Blue Plum after the post office was founded within the 1800s in a very rural location, which eventually grew into a town. Annually attracts nearly 80,000 guests.

15. Johnson City Brewing Company

Check out the local brews at Johnson City Brewing Company. It’s known for its craft beer and homebrew. The corporate is probably the most effective microbrewery of Cider, beer, and cask ales within the City.

Also, it’s a preferred spot with ample outdoor space and an inviting atmosphere to enjoy its Signature Raspberry Mocha Stout, Double IPA, J Brown Ale, or maybe the Belgian Quad.

They’re known for creating experimental and seasonal mixes of all types.

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