Unique Things To Do In Gulf Shores

Unique Things To Do In Gulf Shores:

Wondering what Unique Things To Do In Gulf Shores? See the top attractions, best activities, places to visit & fun things to do in Gulf Shores here.

Gulf Shores is a well-rounded vacation spot in Alabama. The small town that lies along its shores along the Gulf of Mexico and adjacent to Orange Beach boasts some of the finest beaches in the country.

Make sure you have sunscreen, tanning lotion, and flip-flops to take a stroll along Gulf Shores’ beaches. But, Gulf Shores has more to offer than just its beautiful beaches.

The city also has the best outdoor activities, including cycling, birdwatching, hiking cruises on boats, etc. Gulf Shores is more than just a top beach destination Why not put it on your bucket list?

Here are the top Unique Things To Do In Gulf Shores :

Gulf Shores Beach – Unique Things To Do In Gulf Shores

Unique Things To Do In Gulf Shores

There’s no better way to appreciate Gulf Shores than its beaches.

Bring your finest attire for swimming and soak in the crystal clear waters and white sand of Gulf Shores Public Beach.

Gulf Shores’ beaches are well-known for their sugar-white sand consistency and emerald water.

It’s among the most loved beaches in Alabama as well as it’s located in the Gulf of Mexico.

Gulf Shores shares a 32-mile strip of white sand beaches with The city in Orange Beach.

Don’t forget to splash in its sparkling waters or maybe comb the shore for clams and seashells.

The city’s most famous tourist destination is the most effective option to begin your journey in Gulf Shores.

Coastal Segway Adventures – Unique Things To Do In Gulf Shores

Coastal Segway Adventures (1)
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Its streets in Gulf Shores are full of hidden treasures. So why not take the segway to discover them faster?

If you’re an experienced segway rider or an absolute novice, renting a Segway is an incredibly fun method to explore the city’s most popular attractions.

Go to Coastal Segway Adventures to rent one.

They’re one of the top bikes and segway rental options within Gulf Shores.

In addition to segway rentals they also offer segway excursions throughout Gulf Shores.

On your trip, you’ll pass by numerous natural areas that are alive with local wildlife and display the diversity of the fauna and flora from the Gulf of Mexico.

Segway tours typically last one or two hours depending on where the guide will take you.

Gulf State Park – Unique Things To Do In Gulf Shores

Gulf State Park
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If you’re looking to engage in thrilling and enjoyable outdoor activities at Gulf Shores, head to Gulf State Park.

Gulf State Park features exciting outdoor activities for the whole family each week.

They are famous for their beach hikes, kayaking paddleboarding, segway tours.

In addition, they offer a bike-share program for free which lets you take a bike out and explore Gulf Shores for free.

They also have tandem bikes, trailers with pull-behinds for kids, and bikes for kids.

Furthermore, you could enroll in the fishing academy in the summer to improve your fishing abilities.

Oyster Farm

One of the most fascinating things you’ll find when you visit Gulf Shores is touring oyster farms.

Head to White boots Charters and Shellbanks Selects Oyster Farm in Fort Morgan.

They transport tourists to oyster farms in their flat-bottomed boats.

Apart from tasting freshly picked oysters, guests will also be given informative lessons on raising oysters from tour guides.

After visiting oyster farms, visit different seafood eateries in the area for a taste of various oyster dishes.

Gulf State Park Pier

Walking through the Gulf State Park Pier is the ideal way to appreciate all the beauty and natural splendor of Gulf Shores.

You’ll be able to appreciate the refreshing ocean breeze, the tranquil ambiance and the expansive blue sky in front of you. It’s an ideal way to pass your time.

If you’d like to have an enjoyable time at the public pier, take your fishing gear , or take a look at surfers from the distance.

Sharks will also visit the region from time to time Keep your eyes open.

Then, go to the restaurant at the pier where you can eat fresh seafood.

Gulf Shores Bike Rentals

Apart from riding a segway and participating in tours, bicycles are an attractive way to travel Gulf Shores.

As many Gulf Shores’ attractions are outdoors, renting a bicycle provides a convenient means for exploring the area.

There are numerous bicycle trails in Gulf Shores.

A single among Gulf Shores’ most recommended bicycle trails is located within Gulf State Park, featuring the bike trail that is paved for cyclists.

In addition you can also spend your time in the park, or engage in different outdoor pursuits.

You can also visit Lake Shelby and bike through its looped trails for an entirely different type of bike ride.

Other bike trails that you can find at Gulf Shores are Eastern Shore Trail and Orange Beach.

Check out Gulf Shores Bike Rentals, Infinity Bicycles, and Dauphin Island Kayak & Bicycle Rentals.

Historic Fort Morgan

If you’re looking to explore Gulf Shores’ historical attractions visit Fort Morgan.

This historical site is an interesting attraction with military structures dating to the 1800s.

Take part in guided tours or on self-guided tours of the building.

The tour will take you through the fort’s grounds in which the most important old structures and structures are situated.

Apart from the historical tours, you can take part in bird watching and hike through Fort Morgan’s unspoiled marshes that are brimming with Alabama’s wildlife and flora.

Alabama Coastal Birding Trail

If you’re looking for more birdwatching activities within Gulf Shores after visiting Fort Morgan and the Fort Morgan Birding Trail, then you should visit the Alabama Coastal Birding Trail.

This natural wonderland located in Gulf Shores offers visitors the most bird-watching locations within the region.

The Alabama Coastal Birding Trail features more than 200 miles of birding looped trails that connect Mobile and Baldwin counties.

The birdwatching experience will highlight the local bird species as well as migrating birds that migrate to specific trails.

The most common species of birds you’ll see include egrets, snowy plovers and common loons. northern Gannets.

If you’re planning to visit Gulf Shores, pack your binoculars, because you don’t know when you’ll be birdwatching.

Bon Secour National Wildlife Refuge

For an unforgettable wildlife experience when you go on the course of your Gulf Shores travel adventure, go to Bon Secour National Wildlife Refuge.

The natural area has one of the largest and most colorful wildlife habitats on the Alabama Gulf Coast.

Wildlife or nature lovers will enjoy this area.

However, regular visitors can also take pleasure in exploring the area.

This natural habitat was created in order to protect Alabama’s threatened wildlife species.

This area is great to watch turtles nest within their habitats.

You’ll be taught how important it is to protect turtles as well as their nesting places.

Additionally, you’ll be able to see the unique Alabama beach mouse which is one of the protected animals in the area.

Many birdwatchers flock to Bon Secour National Wildlife Refuge to watch for migratory birds soaring in the spring.

Hugh S. Branyon Backcountry Trail

Gulf Shores isn’t just famous for its turquoise waters and white-sand beaches.

It’s also a great hike that isn’t widely known about.

So, be sure to pack your outdoor shoes and hiking boots prior to heading for Gulf Shores.

You’ll likely be hiking on along one of the trails that are scenic.

One of the trails recommended to walk through Gulf Shores is the Hugh S. Branyon Backcountry Trail located in Gulf State Park.

It has around 30 miles of trails for hiking, showing you the vibrant fauna and flora of Alabama.

Other trails to hike include the Alabama Coastal Birding Trail, Eastern Shore Trail, Coastal Connection Scenic Byway, and Wade Ward Nature Park.

Alabama Gulf Coast Zoo

Gulf Shores is also home to an exciting attraction you should not be able to miss.

Go to Alabama Gulf Coast Zoo for an unforgettable encounter with various species.

This attraction for wildlife located in Gulf Shores is currently expanding with many exhibits featuring Giraffes, lions, primates as well as leopards, tigers bears, and an extensive bird sanctuary.

Like many top-quality zoos this one also offers guided tours and educational programs to everyone.

After spending the whole day watching animals, eat lunch at one of the cafes on site or maybe enjoy a picnic at one of the tables or benches.

Down Under Dive Shop

Also, you should take a dive at Gulf Shores.

Go to Down Under Dive Shop in Gulf Shores to participate in the Scuba diving classes.

If you’re not familiar with anything about diving, take part in scuba diving classes to gain knowledge and get a certificate.

Gulf Shores boasts vibrant marine life and fauna.

You don’t have to travel into either the Bahamas as well as the Caribbean to go diving.

Make sure to include diving lessons when you plan the Gulf Shores travel adventure itinerary.

Other Unique Things To Do In Gulf Shores Nearby

Dolphins Down Under

Gulf Shores and Orange Beach’s open ocean across the Gulf of Mexico attract thousands of visitors each year to enjoy dolphin watching.

Dolphin watching is extremely popular at Gulf Shores; numerous companies provide dolphin-watching tours.

For dolphin-watching tours that take place in Gulf Shores, head to Dolphins Down Under.

The company is located situated in Orange Beach, Alabama, just 17 minutes of Gulf Shores.

It provides the best dolphin-watching tours as well as wildlife kayak excursions and other water sports for recreation.

On the trip, you’ll visit some of the most popular spots in the Gulf of Mexico, where dolphins are often seen passing.

In nature, dolphins are playful and come out to play with boats.

Most likely, you’ll meet at least one or two on your tour.

Sail Wild Hearts’ Sunset Cruises

If you want to have a pleasant or relaxing time during your trip to Gulf Shores, try cruising on the water at sunset.

A cruise at sunset on the open ocean is among the most relaxing experiences you can have on the waters of Gulf Shores.

You can sign up for any of Sail Wild Hearts’ Sunset Cruises that are based in the nearby Orange Beach.

They provide fantastic cruises on the open sea for everyone aboard an ocean-going catamaran.

There will be beverages and snacks on board, as well as other facilities during the cruise.

Make sure to add this leisure exercise in you Gulf Shores travel adventure.

Wander Long’s Bayou and Wolf Bay

The Sailaway Charters Eco-Tours takes you to a truly unique open sea tour through Wolf Bay and Long’s Bayou.

The company, which is located within Orange Beach, navigates the backwaters of Wolf Bay and Longs Bayou and offers tourists a unique open-water cruise.

Longs Bayou and Wolf Bay are among the most active ecosystems in Alabama that is brimming with animals, which makes the visit more thrilling.

On this tour, you’ll visit numerous oyster and blue crab breeding grounds and discover their life cycle.

Overall, it’s an experience that is unique and worth checking out prior to returning home after Your Gulf Shores travel adventure.

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