Naomi Judd death: Daughter Ashley Judd opens up about losing mother to 'disease of mental illness'

Ashley Judd is talking about mental health, getting help and the death of her mother, Naomi Judd.

In an emotional conversation with ABC News' Diane Sawyer, the actress said she wanted to speak before things “become public without our control.”

“We’re aware that although grieving the loss of a wife and a mother, we are, in an uncanny way, a public family,” Judd said.

Nearly two weeks since her mother’s death, Judd, and her sister, Wynonna Judd, who made up the other half of The Judds, have been coping with their loss.

On the day of her mother’s passing, Judd said she was home in Tennessee and went to visit her mom's house, as she did every day.

Judd says that the impact of that April day has given her both grief and trauma. She said she prays that everyone will honor the privacy of her family at this time